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The Social Web Phenomenon

Start this video to witness how the power of social marketing starts with just one "click".


The "Social Web" phenomenon has exploded! Blogs, forums and social networking is one of the most effective ways to get people talking with you, about you and exposes them to your business. At the core of this phenomenon is Facebook. There are over 800 million users on Facebook alone which takes “word-of-mouth” advertising to a whole new level.


This social phenomenon makes it simple for people to engage themselves in things they like, share those “likes” with others and participate in discussions about them. In a matter of minutes, an idea, video or special you promote on your Facebook page can be shared between hundreds, then between thousands then to hundreds of thousands of people.



Interface Marketing Group will work directly with you to custom design a Facebook landing page that is unique, informative, easy to use and best of all that will pique the interest of all your visitors to learn more about you and then want to share "YOU" with all their contacts . If you don’t already have a page, no worries, our experts will set one up for you.


Start building your Facebook fans today by calling us now. Don’t forget to ask us about this month’s special.


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